Here’s Our First Look at Apple’s New ‘FineWoven’ Apple Watch Bands

In a departure from leather, Apple is expected to unveil an all-new line of FineWoven Apple Watch bands made from artificial materials, and these images are said to be our first look at what one of the official bands look like.

Sourced by prototype device collector and leaker Kosutami, the images allegedly show one of Apple’s official bands, which are described as being lightweight, thin, and smooth.

The bands are allegedly made from recycled nylon and polyester, with a twill weave pattern. Apple may have chosen these materials in an effort to appear eco-friendly, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint through the use of fabric-based leather substitutes.

According to Kosutami, the bands are also set to feature a splash-resistant coating, although the bands themselves are not fully waterproof.

According to the leaker, Apple created six color options for the FineWoven watch bands, but is only set to announce three of them during the special event today. The exact colors remain unknown at the time of writing.

Kosutami also clarified that the FineWoven bands would be made by the same manufacturer that makes bands for the AppleWatch Ultra, with the materials allegedly being sourced from Japan.

Previous rumors have suggested that Apple will be removing leather options from its assortment of iPhone cases. Similar to the rumored FIneWoven Apple Watch bands, rumors claim that Apple also plans to release iPhone cases made from an artificial leather material under the same “FineWoven” moniker.

Information on the ‌iPhone‌ cases originated from DuanRui, a leaker who sources information from Chinese social media platforms.

Kosutami previously told MacRumors that Apple plans to discontinue all silicione accessories, and now claims that Apple intends to replace most of its leather accessories with ones made from more eco-friendly materials.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently said that Apple began offering Hermes leather accessories to its employees at discounts of up to 90% last month in an attempt to clear remaining inventory. He also added that he expects Apple to move away from leather on its Apple Watch bands, in addition to phone cases.

For more on what else Apple is expected to reveal at its “Wonderlust” event in a few hours, be sure to check out our latest roundup.






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